Victor Ching Yee

 Victor C. Yee
One of the most difficult profession that someone could ever have is to be a teacher. It requires lots of patience and knowledge just to become an effective teacher. An effective instructor does not only provide their students with the things that they need to know in school. They should also have the passion in planting knowledge that students need to know especially the moral values. On the other hand, being an instructor on the other field is also not that easy.

One person who is well-known as a professional instructor in chess and as an effective teacher is Victor Ching Yee. Mr. Yee took the degree of Bachelor of Arts in History and Economics at Arizona University and finished his degree in the year 2012.

In 2013, Mr. Yee mastered his education under the program Teach Arizona M.Ed. Because of the fact that Victor Ching Yee have an outstanding educational background, he experienced teaching different subjects such as economics, history, mathematics and a lot more.

In addition, Mr. Yee’s experiences as a teacher gave him the great opportunities to work with people of different beliefs and culture. He also received wide perspectives and understanding from the different people where he work on with. Mr. Yee also help in working out the hidden potentials of his pre-business students who aims to be admitted into a professional program in the University of Arizona under Eller’s College of Management.

Victor C. Yee California Record

8Aside from being a teacher, Mr. Yee is also an independent contractor in the School of chess in Arizona. He was hired there to teach his expertise in chess at the different schools in the elementary at the city of Arizona. He provides them with the highest quality of instruction and training in order to motivate his students to play professionally every time that they will have a chess game. Because of Mr. Yee’s greatness in teaching, most of his students won in championships in the state competition.

To be a teacher and a part time chess instructor is not that easy. But these two professions allow Mr. Yee to develop a strong communication, monitoring and interpersonal skills which helped him a lot I interacting with different kind of people. Mr. Yee is definitely one of the best teacher and chess instructor that students could have.

Mr. Yee’s experiences, educational background as well as his good reputation will surely help students excel in their class and train them to become the best chess player in the world.